HUMEDIA's door is always open.
We are waiting for the application of talented people who aspire to
become main players in the growth and takeoff of the company.

Welfare and Benefits

  • 진학자 지원

    Education Support

    We support undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs to strengthen the competencies of our employees.

  • 해외워크샵 지원

    Overseas Workshop Support

    Every year, we support team and company-wide overseas workshops for the unity and morale of our employees.

  • 연구 개발 포상 제도

    R&D Reward System

    We provide incentives for our employees' R&D achievements.

  • 콘도 미니엄 운영


    Our employees can use and stay at condominiums in Jeju-do and Gangwon-do owned by the company for recreation and relaxation.