Development Performance

HUMEDIA Co., Ltd. constantly develops future leading technologies
We are making a “technology independent company”.

Development Performance

Defense Industry

TICN Tactical System

Massive Wireless Transmission System (HCTRS)

X-Band Up-conversion Assembly

X-Band Power Amplifier Assembly

Wireless Optical Connection Assembly

Tactical Multi-band Multi-role (TMMR) radio system

HF-Band Matcher

HF-Band Power Amplifier Assembly

UVHF-Band Power Amplifier Assembly

Gwanggaeto-Ⅲ BATCH-Ⅱ Integrated Sonar System Fixed
Arrangement High Power Transmitting/ Receiving Equipment

Transmission/Reception rack control panel/Low voltage

supply panel

Low-voltage Conversion Assembly

Fixed Array High Power System

System Control Panel

Inspection Control Panel

Status Indicator

Special Warfare Support Ship

Bit Processing Device

Waveform Generator

Up-conversion Device

Transmission/Reception Front-end Device

Coastal Surveillance Radar

Transmission/Reception Front-end Device

Semiconductor Power Amplifier (820W or more)

Other Development Achievements

Shipboard Electronic Warfare Broadband Power Amplifier (with purchase condition)

Optical/Electric Conversion System for SPIDER Tactical System

Digital Control Signal Generator

M/W Frequency Synthesizer

Transmitting and receiving device for wireless environment simulation

Defense Control Panel

Disaster Communication


distribution line fault tracking OTDR optical line remote monitoring device

Meteorological Agency

X-Band double polarized weather radar for local disaster prevention

Firefighting and Disaster Prevention

Administration firefighting site commander and fire investigator dedicated communication device


Base station RU for LTE-R railway integrated wireless network (LTE-R)

Wireless Communication

5G mmWave

28GHz FEM (Front End Module) Chip development (Korea Electronic Components Research Institute)

Other Development Achievements

Digital Optical Transmission Board for Small Base Stations

KT urban LTE Optical Repeater

KT RF LTE Small Repeater

4G DAS System

Broadband Analog Optical Transmission/Reception Modules

Maintenance business and inspection equipment


Test equipment for TICN HCTRS system

ANASIS satellite communication PAMA network controller maintenance, etc.


Electronic warfare inspection equipment for (K)F-16

SPS-1000 software development/test equipment maintenance

Precision approach radar (PAR) mass production support equipment, etc.

Marine hull

stationary and transmission/reception cabinet test equipment, etc.