Founded in 2007, HUMEDIA Co., Ltd. is a wireless communication expert group with
advanced technologies such as ultra-high frequency mmW RF design and digital signal processing.

Company Overview

Company Status

  • Company Name

    Humedia Co., Ltd.
  • CEO

    Won-Jung Kim
  • Date of Establishment

    October 23, 2007.
  • No. of Employees

    38 (R&D : 14)
  • Business Areas

    M/W transmission/reception devices and mmWave module, Radar transmission/reception front-end device, etc.
  • Company Address

    23F, B-dong, 17, Gosan-ro 148beon-gil, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo IT Valley)

Management Philosophy

Right Company, Good Company!
Rational Management
  • ㆍCommunication and trust
  • ㆍBusiness informatization
  • ㆍTransparent management
  • ㆍSystematic education
  • ㆍChallenge and passion
  • ㆍContinuous innovation
  • Expansion of independent defense technologies

  • Development of civil convergence technologies

  • Development of future technologies

Client Satisfaction
  • ㆍZero defects in quality
  • ㆍQuick customer response

Certifications and Patents


Certificate of Registration of Information and Communication Construction Business

Certificate of Human Resource Development-type Small and Medium-sized Business

Certificate of Inno-Biz

Certificate of Software Business

Certificate of Materials and Parts Company

Certificate of Venture Company

Certificate of Corporate Research Institute

Certificate of Factory Registration (Gunpo IT Valley)

Certificate of Gyeonggi-do Promising Small and Medium Business

Quality Certificate : ISO 14001

Quality Certificate : ISO 9001


A detection system for input-output signal in 5G millimeter wave bandwidth

(No. 10-2099602)

Wireless transmitter for ship with automatic impedance matching

(No. 10-2089266)

Attenuation system for reflection power with extended range to the level of output signal

(No. 10-2018-0066249)

Railroad tunnel safety system

(No. 10-1117307)

A system for reflection power dual cancellation in radar antenna

(No. 10-1828914)

An integrated system for simultaneous service providing PS-LTE and TETRA for disaster

(No. 10-1809042)

A system for reflection power cancellation in radar antenna

(No. 10-1666644)

A system for generating protection band with variable frequency

(No. 10-1624227)

A radar system using an optical-electrical composition cable

(No. 10-1352317)

A radar system choosing the best frequency through scanning the adjacent frequency

(No. 10-1352179)

A system of analyzing radar using digital spectrum and a method thereof

(No. 10-1295756)

Mobile communication line expansion device in building using POF and GOF

(No. 10-1249894)

Automatic diagnosis device of breakdown part in the mobile station

(No. 10-1190551)

Radar system detecting breakdown using the loop=back of the transmission signal and detecting method of the radar system using the loop-back of the transmission signal

(No. 10-1173427)

Radar system with dual optical fiber and the dualization method of optical fiber in radar system

(No. 10-1173426)

Optic signal amplifying device for optical transmitter

(No. 10-1008946)

An in-building mobile communication relay system with multi-interface

(No. 10-0932399)