Wireless Communication

We are developing and mass-producing products such as waveguide based on
the experience of ultra-high frequency RF technology, mmWave module and waveguide for mobile communication.

DAS System

DAS System communicates with terminals by dispersing antennas mainly inside a building. In mobile communication networks, more than 80% of data traffic occurs inside the building. DAS System is an economical and efficient solution for expanding mobile communication coverage and capacity in buildings. HUMEDIA has developed and is mass-producing major modules for DAS System to be exported to the US.

DAS System
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    Broadband Analog Optical Module

    Broadband Analog Optical Module
    • Analog optical transmission/reception modules
    • 136MHz~2.6GHz
    • Extension of donor 4 branches

    It converts RF signals into electro-optical and photoelectrically converts optical signals into RF signals. It is suitable for transmitting broadband signals over long distances.