Disaster Communication

We are developing and mass-producing products based on next-generation
wireless communication technology for public safety and disaster situations.


The Korea Railroad Authority is carrying out the integrated railroad wireless network project to promote the Korean version of New Deal in earnest and to strengthen the safe operation of trains. LTE-R (LTE-based Railway Wireless Communication System) is a domestic system developed to optimize LTE, the 4th generation wireless communication technology, to the railway environment. This railroad wireless communication system shares smart safety services such as train speed, video, and location with operators such as controllers, engineers, and station attendants. HUMEDIA is developing and mass-producing a base station system applied to the LTE-R system.

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    RU Base Station for LTE-R

    RU Base Station for LTE-R
    • CPRI applied RU system
    • Redundant transfer by module
    • DU(1): RU(18) expansion

    This base station can provide services to the LTE-based integrated railway network (LTE-R). The dualized configuration module provides outdoor 2T2R 20Watt output. It sends the signals input from the DU to the terminal.